Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a yoga student, a yoga studio or yoga school owner, or someone who’s simply interested in yoga, you may have some questions about The AYP and what it means for you. Here are some answers to a few commonly asked questions.

For Yoga Teachers:

  1. Why should I join The AYP?
    There are several reasons. For one, The AYP is the only organization that offers an actual certification for teachers of post-lineage hatha yoga. Becoming an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) establishes your credibility as the highest in the field. Secondly, as a CYT, you have the option to be listed in The AYP Member Directory, which gives students of yoga direct access to you and your offerings. Thirdly, as a service-based organization, The AYP donates 50% of its proceeds to The AYP Scholarship Fund, which seeks to provide scholarships to students with financial needs for them to attend Yoga Teacher Trainings. By joining The AYP, you will not only be helping students who couldn’t otherwise afford it to realize their dreams and potential as yoga teachers, you will also be participating in a system of credentialing that operates in accordance with yogic values, which include aparigraha, or non-greediness. To that end, with just a one-time $35 administrative fee and $40 in annual membership dues, The AYP is committed to offering the highest credential at the most affordable price.
  2. If I’m already a teacher, do I have to take another Yoga Teacher Training to become AYP certified?
    No. You are, of course, welcome and encouraged to take as many trainings as you feel called to participate in, but if you have already successfully completed a Yoga Teacher Training, you do not need to take another one to be eligible to become an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT). However, if you feel your training was lacking in any areas that The AYP application and/or Standardized Certification Exam highlight as important, you are strongly encouraged to become better acquainted with those areas, either through independent study or through modular trainings.
  3. What about the certification exam? If I’m already an experienced teacher, do I need to take The AYP Certification Exam to become certified?
    Yes. Anyone who wants to become an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher must take and pass The AYP’s Standardized Certification Exam. This ensures that teachers are held accountable to a common knowledge base.
  4. There are things on the exam that I didn’t learn in my YTT. How am I supposed to know all this stuff?
    This is to be expected. Given the vast scope of the yoga tradition, as well as the different points of focus of various YTT’s, it would be virtually impossible for all trainings to cover all of the same things, or explain them in all in the same ways. The AYP has done its best to create an exam that tests what it considers to be a general working knowledge and comprehension of yoga’s core concepts. That said, The AYP is always open to hearing from you about any elements that you feel should or should not be included in the exam. In the meantime, we recommend heading over to Yoga Teacher Central to help you prepare for the current exam.
  5. Once I pass the certification exam, do I ever have to take it again?
    No. In order to maintain your credential as an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher, the only thing you must do is satisfy the requirement of completing 20 hours of Continuing Education every two years. You can find a variety of courses offering Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) on The AYP Programs page.
  6. What’s the story with the Ethics Course? Why do I have to take it?
    The AYP considers ethics to be an essential part of teaching yoga effectively. Because of this, all AYP Certified Yoga Teachers are required to take The Karma of Ethics course within 90 days of becoming certified. If you do not complete the course within 90 days, your certification will be suspended until you have completed it. There is an additional $45 fee to take The Karma of Ethics course, and upon successful completion of it, you will receive two (2) hours of Continuing Education toward your eventual re-certification.
  7. How many hours of Continuing Education do I need?
    You will need 20 hours of Continuing Education credits every two years to maintain your CYT status.
  8. Can I use the CYT credential next to my name?
    Absolutely. You not only can, you are encouraged to. The CYT credential is a badge of honor, and we hope you will wear it both proudly and humbly.
  9. What about perks like discounts on yoga apparel and insurance? Does The AYP provide any of those benefits?
    It is definitely The AYP’s intention to provide as many of those benefits as possible. As we build our membership base, we will be establishing partnerships with various merchants, brands and insurance providers. Updates will be provided here, as well as in The AYP’s newsletter. If there are any vendors or companies you would like us to consider partnering with, please feel free to send an email to: info@theayp.org and let us know.

For Yoga Students:

  1. How many hours of training do I need in order to be eligible to become an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher?
    The AYP is less concerned with the amount of hours you have trained than it is with the quality of the training you have received. Everybody learns at a different pace. Some teachers require hundreds upon hundreds of hours before they are qualified and ready to teach, others require less. This is the nature of life and The AYP embraces it. Ultimately, it is a question of your own practice of satya (truthfulness) as to whether you feel the amount of hours you have trained has adequately prepared you to become a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT). That said, you must have at least two years of teaching experience (at least one class per week) to be eligible to become a CYT.
  2. I’m an aspiring teacher who’s never taken a Yoga Teacher Training before. How do I make sure the training I’m taking will prepare me to become AYP Certified?
    Good question. Some studios and/or Yoga Schools offer Teacher Trainings that are AYP Accredited. If this is the case, they will likely say so in their course marketing materials. If not, you can always ask the Lead Teacher Trainer(s) if their training meets AYP standards. If the teacher(s) are not familiar with The AYP, fear not. It may still be an excellent training. The AYP is a relatively new organization and not all teachers or schools will know about it. If your teacher(s) have questions, they can always contact The AYP at: info@theayp.org., For a list of AYP accredited trainings, you can always check The AYP member directory.

For Yoga Studios and/or Yoga Schools:

  1. How will becoming an AYP Member Studio and/or Yoga School help my business?
    The AYP is working to establish its name and logo as being synonymous with top-quality yoga instruction. Part of our efforts are focused on community outreach and publicity to let students and potential students of yoga know the value in practicing with teachers who are AYP Certified. It is our hope that by joining The AYP and displaying The AYP logo in your studio or school, you will attract more students who are seeking quality instruction as more and more people turn to yoga for improved health, fitness and overall quality of life.
  2. I’m a yoga studio/school with a training that’s registered through another organization. I like the AYP and what it stands for, but I’m hesitant to pay a fee to another organization. What should I do?
    Don’t worry. If you own a studio or run a yoga school that currently offers a YTT that’s registered with another organization, The AYP will grandfather your training in for one year at no annual fee. You pay only the one-time $35 administrative fee to process your application and review course materials. Once your syllabus and coursework have been approved, your training will officially become AYP Accredited. To inquire about registering your training, please send an email to: info@theayp.org

For Everyone:

  1. Which schools and/or styles of yoga does The AYP support?
    The AYP supports all schools and styles of “post-lineage” yoga.This includes but is not limited to Ashtanga, Iyengar, Krama, Flow, Power, Bhakti, Anusara, Restorative and Yin.
  2. $75 is a lot of money for me. What if I want to become a Certified Yoga Teacher but can’t afford it?
    The AYP recognizes that for some people, the membership dues and/or administrative fees represent a financial burden. It is our intention to help as many qualified teachers as possible to become certified. If you have financial constraints, please send an email to: info@theayp.org with your request for leniency and we will do our best to work with your needs.
  3. How do I apply for a scholarship?
    As soon as a scholarship becomes available, it will be announced via The AYP’s Instagram page (@ayp_dot_org). Instructions will be posted with the announcement on how to apply.
  4. How can I contact The AYP?
    You can always contact The AYP by sending an email to: info@theayp.org

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