About The AYP Standardized Certification Exam

All AYP Certified Yoga Teachers (CYT’s) must take and pass The AYP Standardized Certification Exam. This test, created with the input of over 30 teachers with over 350 years of combined teaching experience, aims to evaluate each applicant’s functional knowledge of the following key areas:

  • Yoga History & Basic Philosophy
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (including the Nervous System)
  • Asana & Pranayama
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Subtle Body
  • Yoga Ethics & Lifestyle
  • The Business of Yoga

As The AYP grows and evolves, we expect the exam to grow and evolve, as well. Because of this, in order to maintain their CYT status, teachers are required to take and pass the exam every three years.

Who grades the exam?: The exam is comprised of 175 multiple choice and true/false questions, as well as three short answer questions. The multiple choice and true/false questions are graded automatically by computer, and the short answer questions are evaluated by The AYP’s Board. As The AYP membership expands and the need arises, it is likely that a small committee of Certified Teachers will be formed to evaluate future exams. If you would like to be considered for this committee, please send an email to: info@theayp.org

How do I take the exam? In order to take the exam, you must submit an application to become an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher. Once you submit your application, the exam will be in the “Enrolled Courses” section of your account. Simply login to your account, and whenever you are ready, you may take the exam.

What happens if I don’t pass? You have three chances to take the exam, however you must wait at least one month before reattempting it. If there are any questions you don’t know the answer to, you are encouraged to look up those answers. As much as the exam is meant to test your knowledge, it is also meant to shine light on information that might help you to be the best teacher you can be. If you have questions or concerns about the exam or any of the questions on it, or if you feel there are questions that are not on the exam that should be, please feel free to send an email to: info@theayp.org. We welcome your feedback!

Should I wait until my application is accepted before I take the exam? You certainly don’t have to, but if you have any doubts, you are more than welcome to wait until your application has been officially accepted. In the unusual event that you pass the exam, but your application is not accepted for whatever reason, you exam score will be valid for eighteen months should you wish to re-apply after completing whatever element of training may have been lacking from or otherwise not-represented on your initial application.

Any other questions or comments? You are always welcome to email us at: info@theayp.org