Become An AYP Member Studio and/or Yoga School

BENEFITS: There are a number of benefits to becoming an AYP Member Studio and/or Yoga School, including:

1) Building your student base. As an AYP member studio and/or yoga school, students will know that your studio and/or school is a place where they can take classes with AYP Certified Yoga Teachers.

2) Extended network and visibility. As an AYP Member Studio and/or Yoga School, you will have the ability to list any trainings, mentorships or other offerings on The AYP “Programs” page. You will also be featured in The AYP newsletter and on The AYP Instagram page (@ayp_dot_org)

3) Accreditation. If you opt to register your Teacher Training program with The AYP, your students will know that they are receiving the highest quality training available, and will have a faster track to becoming AYP Certified Teachers.

ELIGIBILITY: In order to become an AYP Member Studio or Yoga School, you must:

1) Offer at least one class per day taught by an AYP Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT);

2) Offer discounts and/or promotions for AYP members beyond what are available to non-AYP members.

You will also need a credit card or PayPal account to submit your $150 annual membership fee.

HOW TO APPLY: To become an AYP Member Studio, simply click the link below, then complete and submit your application, as well as the applicable fees.

TEACHER TRAINING: If you are a studio or yoga school that offers a Yoga Teacher Training that you would like to be accredited through the AYP, please check the appropriate box on the application and an AYP representative will contact you with more information.